Vegan Try Me! Selection Box


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If you like food that is tasty and nutritious as well, then we would love to introduce you to the taste of our savoury toasted seeds.

Five tasty 25g snack pack treats including Sesame Sprinkles, Omega Sprinkles and Chilli Bites; everything you need to discover “nutritious nibbling”. NB: (Delivery only £1.30 on this pack)!!

Munchy Seeds are tasty little toasted treats, great as a healthier snack or to sprinkle over your food. They are a super source of protein, officially high in iron, vitamin E and fibre, contain no artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives and are all gluten, wheat and yeast free too. All our toasted seeds are suitable for vegetarians and many suit a vegan diet as well.

For just £3.80 (including postage and packing!) this special Vegan Selection Pack is a great way to try the taste of savoury toasted seeds! Each pack contains five handy 25g sachets; one pack of Sesame Sprinkles (delicious sprinkled over salad), two packs of Omega Sprinkles (great on top of soup) and two packs of our Chilli Bites (excellent to nibble with a drink) that’s enough to see you through the week!


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