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Not all fats were made equal…

October 28, 2020, Lucinda Munchy

We love the fact that so many people are much more informed about food now. Recent years have highlighted that many previously avoided foods are now important for a healthy and wholesome diet.

FAT has so often been slated and yet we are now being made aware of the healthy fats which we actually need to help support a balanced diet.

If you remember having margarine in your sandwiches and being told to avoid butter, then you’re probably happily using butter now and enjoying the taste far more! A quote (from this month’s Waitrose Food magazine) is that “research shows that when fat consumption goes down, sugar consumption goes up”. We actually NEED fat to keep us nourished, feeling satiated and to ensure we don’t fill up on calorific, sugary foods too much.

Healthy fats are to be found in 5 key foods. We love all of these foods at Munchy seeds and like to include them in our daily menu:-

  • Olive Oil & Rapeseed Oil – perfecting for stir frys, salad dressings and as an extra condiment on your warming winter soups
  • Avocados – a modern brunch essential, smashed over sourdough toast with a poached egg and a good sprinkling of seeds
  • Seeds – sooooo tasty especially when they’ve been roasted and toasted by us with some delicious infused extra pzazz. Scatter, sprinkle, munch and crunch on absolutely everything. Also check out our recipes here
  • Nuts – all nuts are good, but pecans and walnuts are a particularly good source of healthy fats
  • Oily fish – salmon, trout, mackerel to name but a few, put oily fish on your menu once or twice a week for a delicious healthy fat boost

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