Mr Munch’s annual challenge!

June 22, 2020, Lucinda Munchy

Inspiration – Mr Munch likes an annual challenge! During lock down outdoor swimming was allowed and as he lives on the beautiful Suffolk coast ‘then why wouldn’t you chose to swim 30km up stream’!

Crispin and his great ‘water-sport’ mate Justin D’Arcy have been out practising swimming upstream on incoming tides during the evenings for the last few weeks along with teaming up with a great crew of lads in Thorpeness who swim in the sea every Sunday morning ‘It washes away all the ‘fog’ from the night before and wakens the body right up’!

The plan is to spilt the 30km river swim across 2 days using the power of the incoming tides. Starting at the mouth of the river Alde (shingle street), going around Havergate island (a bird sanctuary), past the radar development sites at Orford Nest, past Orford key, then on to Aldeburgh and inland up to Snape (known really well nationally for the Benjamin Britten concert hall at Snape Maltings) and is also the home to the Aldeburgh Food Festival which is held yearly on the last weekend of September where we have sold our Munchy Seeds for the past 11 years. https://aldeburghfoodanddrink.co.uk/

It will take a good 8 plus hours with progress being fairly rapid at the beginning of the swim up to Orford but once you get past Aldeburgh progress slows down as the tidal assistance decreases and the channel narrows right down as it meanders around the bends – it’s very easy to end up swimming in mud! At this point they have to follow the ‘withy’s’ (basically old dead tree sticks) pushed into the mud marking out the course of the river channel.

It’s certainly an adventure… all the family get dragged along, taking it in turns to be in the support kayaks offering drinks and snacks… and naturally there snack of choice is Munchy Seeds!! The perfect partner to an adventure-fuelled annual challenge

Happy munching all – get in touch and let us know what you’re planning? We can always send you some seeds in exchange for some photos and posts on social!