Spruce Up Your Porridge This Autumn!

October 20, 2016, Lucinda Munchy

Brrr, it’s getting a little chilly outside!! A great excuse to bring out the porridge; there’s nothing better to kick-start your day on a cold winters morning!

Photo credits to @cathyes.foodielife


Delicious and easy to make, porridge is by far one of the healthiest ‘brekkies’ and one of the only breakfasts that actually fills our tummies up until lunchtime. The possibilities are endless when it comes to tasty toppings and flavours, which means you can have lots of fun creating recipes (even on a Monday morning).

There’s other reasons to love this warm bowl of gooey goodness, other than that its delicious taste. Like toasted seeds, porridge is popular for its slow-releasing power and naturally high in fibre and protein too. Porridge and toasted seeds are oat-so-tasty and are the perfect foods to boost your mood!

We all love a tasty morning treat and here are a few suggestions! For a super fruity flavour, try sprucing your oats up with fresh blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and Super Berry seeds.  Or add some ‘zing’ to your morning and liven your porridge up with kiwi, mango, Sharon fruit, pomegranate seeds and a generous handful of Honey Roasted Seeds. Our Warm Cinnamon seeds give a festive feel to any breakfast, and go excellently with apple or banana slices, or for those of you with a sweet tooth, why not try Salted Caramel seeds?

Photo credits to @BalanceAndGlo

For other breakfast ideas, why not try making your own granola! By mixing seeds with oats and coconut, you’ll create the kind of filling yet good for you granola that’ll be revisited every morning. See our recipe for Super Berry Granola in our ‘Start the Day’ section on EAT.


These scrummy breakfast topped off with fresh fruit and toasted seeds can be made up in a matter of minutes. Don’t forget to get in touch! Send us a photo of your delicious creations! Use the hashtag #NoRulesRecipes

Happy Munching!