How to get on Father Christmas’ NICE List this Christmas…

December 9, 2019, Lucinda Munchy

The tree is up, work’s winding down and our mince pie count is already at at least three per day – that’s right, the festive season is here and Christmas is just around the corner.

While Christmas is a lovely opportunity to spend time with family and friends, eat delicious food and, yes, get your hands on that nice jumper you’ve been eyeing up, ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ isn’t always wonderful for everybody. This Christmas, we’ve been thinking about the simple things we can do to help others this Christmas – those for whom this season can be a lonely, rather than comforting, time of year. Whether it’s donating a little bit of money, time or just goodwill, ‘tis the season for giving as well as getting. So, don your Christmas jumper and join Team Munchy in celebrating a Christmas of kindness.

Need inspiration? Here are some easy ways to help someone out this Christmas

1.     Donate to a foodbank: You’ll most probably find a food collection box in your local supermarket, but if not, a quick Google will show you where your nearest foodbank is and how to donate.

2.     Re-discover the art of writing Christmas cards: No, a WhatsApp doesn’t count! Make someone’s day by sending festive cards to neighbours, friends and loved ones.

3.     Take part in the shoebox appeal: Charities like Samaritan’s Purse collect shoeboxes of presents and deliver them to children that wouldn’t otherwise get any – a great way to spread the Christmas spirit. Whilst a lot of these are finished already (most collect in November), why not begin collecting bits and bobs for next year’s box now? Then by the time Christmas rolls around you will have plenty of treats to fill a box with for a child somewhere.

4.     Invite someone over for Christmas dinner: Do you know someone who’s going to be lonely on Christmas day? There’s no better way to share the love than to share some turkey – invite them over for Christmas dinner (you might find that they’re a dab hand at the after-dinner game of Monopoly, too).

5.   Reach out to your neighbours: Don’t have space on the day itself? Invite a neighbour round for dinner or a mince pie at some point over the festive period, it is easy to do and could really make someone’s day. Alternatively, bake some mince pies or festive biscuits for someone and drop them round as a gift! We may even have one or two recipes to recommend… Click here.

6.     Volunteer with a charity: December may be full of fun and festivities, but it’s the one of the worst times of year to be sleeping rough as it’s so cold. If you have time or money to give, consider volunteering with a homelessness charity to help those who need it most.

7.   Surprise someone with a needed food shop: Know of a friend or neighbour who might be struggling with the financial strain of Christmas? Surprise them by delivering a bag or two of festive food shopping (think mince pies, party crackers, pigs in blankets!) to bless their day.

We hope this inspires you to share the festive happiness with those around you this year!

Oh, and have a very Munchy Christmas, one and all.