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Munchy Seeds

Sesame Seeds

Sesame Seeds


“Open sesame” – These tasty little seeds are high in calcium, healthy polyunsaturated fats, zinc, manganese, copper, Vitamin B1 and Vitamin E.

We all know that we need calcium for strong, healthy bones and teeth,  but did you know that whole sesame seeds contain about 88 mg of calcium per tablespoon of seeds. Just a quarter cup of natural sesame seeds provides more calcium than a whole cup of milk. A quarter cup of raw natural sesame seeds has 351 mg of calcium while one cup of non-fat milk has 316 mg, and one cup of whole milk has only 291 mg of calcium (four times more!). Plus, they are alkaline whereas milk is acidic.

Zinc is needed for a strong immune system, so we need good supplies to protect us from all those bugs and infections that are always going around.

Sesame seeds also contain plant compounds called phytosterols, associated with reducing cholesterol levels, and therefore lessening our risk of heart disease and strokes.

Where to find them: Sesame seeds can be found in most of our Pumpkin Power and Omega Sprinkles.

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