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Linseed or Flax Seed


Linseed is the seed of the flax plant, just to clear up any confusion. Another valuable addition to your diet, it’s high in healthy polyunsaturated fats, folic acid (also known as folate), fibre, vitamins and minerals. All these are helpful in reducing inflammation and protecting against heart disease and arthritis.

Like rapeseed, linseed is a great source of omega 3 (a kind of polyunsaturated fat), that’s suitable for vegetarians, or people who simply don’t like oily fish.

Folic acid is especially important for ladies from pre conception to pregnancy to meet the needs of the developing baby.

Linseed has lubricating and bulking properties, so to put it delicately, will keep you nice and regular.

Where to find them: Linseed is found in our Omega Sprinkles.

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