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Crunchy Bites

Crunchy Bites

Savoury roasted sweet apricot kernels, sunflower & pumpkin seeds. A deliciously crunchy nibble to enjoy with a drink or by the handful if you're feeling peckish

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Savoury roasted sweet apricot kernels*, sunflower & pumpkin seeds. A deliciously crunchy nibble to enjoy with a drink or by the handful if you're feeling peckish! High in Protein, Fibre and Vitamins - what a healthy snack compared to most!

*'Sweet apricot kernels are not to be confused with the 'Bitter' apricot kernel, which if eaten in small quantities may be harmful. For more infomation please go to our blog page.

Why it's good for you...
It you want a healthy snack that does just about everything, this is the one for you – you could call this our All Purpose mix.

Like all of our healthy snack mixes, it’s full of unsaturated fats – these are the healthy fats that are good for your circulation and heart. It contains omega-3 an essential fatty acid (especially from the sunflower seeds), which as well as being great for your heart, also can benefit your brain, helping prevent depression and perhaps even keeping you sharp into old age!

The apricot kernels and seeds are packed with protein and fibre, filling you up so you don’t want too many of those less healthy snacks out there.

And for the guys around you, pumpkin seeds are packed with zinc, which is important for a healthy sperm count. (Zinc also supports your immune system, so you’re better able to fight off bugs and germs – which is good for everyone!) See Our Health Benefits Page for more details


Did you know?
Pumpkin Seeds are a source of Zinc which helps to support a healthy immune system.

Thumbs up for:

  • High in Fibre & Protein, Vitamin E, Iron and Zinc
  • Suitable for Coeliacs, Vegetarians and Vegans
  • Free from Cholesterol, Gluten, Artificial Colourings, Flavourings and Preservatives
  • Low GI

Don't munch if you are allergic to:
May contain sesame seeds.

Nutritional information     Per 100g %RDA
Energy       676Kcal/2797kJ  
Protein       28.1g  
Carbohydrate       13g  
of which: Sugars     1.1g  
Fat       52.6g  
of which: Saturates     6.3g  
  Mono-unsaturates     27.7g  
  Omega 9     27.5g  
  Polyunsaturates     16.5g  
  Omega 3     0.2g  
  Omega 6     16.3g  
  Cholesterol     0g  
Dietary Fibre       19g 79%
Sodium       0.3g  
Calcium       106mg 13%
Iron       5.6mg 40%
Zinc       5.9mg 59%
Vitamin E       11.2mg 93%
Salt       0.9g